Chapter 2.

DogeCash (DOGEC) enjoyed a 29% price increase today, while nearly all other cryptocurrencies went down, some by as much as 20%. What does that tell you!

Metcalfe’s Law basically implies that the value of a network grows in proportion with the number of all possible connections. The premise is a square law, but it is generally accepted that a factor of 1.6 applies to Cryptocurrency eco-systems.

Let me show you some statistics.

DogeCoin: Total Supply: Unlimited, Circulating: 128 Billion, Price $0.05

DogeCash: Total Supply: 21million, Circulating: 14 Million, Price $0.05

DogeCoin: ECO friendly: NO, Charitable: NO, Privacy: NO

Chapter 1.

DogeCash (DOGEC) is not Dogecoins (DOGE) poor Cousin, but its rich, eco-friendly, scarce and very charitable Uncle!. I will explain why in my daily 12 noon PST chapter releases.

A wise man once said “The most entertaining outcome is the most likely”

One month ago you could have theoretically owned the entire 21 million DogeCash blockchain for $210,000 based on it’s Market Cap. I say theoretically because only 14 million have yet been minted and an estimated 4 million have been lost, forgotten or are inaccessible. There is another coin and DogeCash is a coin with its own blockchain, that has similar metrics.

See you at the Clubhouse 12 noon tomorrow.


Doge Cash is not the poor Cousin of Doge, but the rich Uncle

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